Happy Monday!

"A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content." -Proverb

Sundays have always been a special day in our family. As an adult, having a day with no obligations was wonderful. I was more than a little disappointed when my home province of Nova Scotia allowed Sunday shopping after years of resisting.

Back home, after sleeping in, we would often take Molly to a local park with lots of walking paths and fields and let her run. Afterward, we would drive to our favorite bakery and purchase some goodies for a snack. Sunday afternoon tea at my grandparents was another tradition. Since moving West, Sundays, if the Sea Dog isn't working, usually involve sleeping in, followed by a big breakfast and a morning of reading with lots and lots of coffee.

A good Sunday sets the mood for the whole week. Today, since the Sea Dog was working, the Baby Bees and I slept in and then got up and had coffee. After a bit, Molly and I bundled up and went for a big walk around town. She slept the rest of the afternoon while I cooked and did a bit of paperwork (not a regular Sunday activity but a necessary one today!) Tonight, I'm relaxed and happy and looking forward to the week ahead. And I'm excited about this week, because this week I'm beginning regular posts! Watch for new content on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You'll see posts under labels such as "Milk & Honey" (for cooking and food) "Bee Creative" (for crafts and other creative pursuits), "Baby Bees" (about my pets and pets in general), "Hive Care & Maintainance" (for household items), and "Because I am Queen" (for my musings, thoughts, and miscellany).

This blog grew out of my trying to reconcile the turns my life and lifestyle has taken over the last few years. As I've moved from a fast paced professional lifestyle in Cape Breton on the East Coast, to a more laid-back, dare I say
domesticated way of life in Northwestern British Columbia, I have found myself questioning what is important to a good life? Increasingly, the Sea Dog and I are finding ourselves embracing a lifestyle rich in activities and practices that have stood the test of time. Whether it's been learning to knit or learning to navigate a boat, we are cultivating an appreciation of the wisdom of our ancestors, who did a lot more with a lot less. While we are not giving up our modern comforts and technologies, we are trying out traditional activities with a modern twist.

Comments are always welcome although they are moderated before publishing in order to keep this blog a friendly, positive place for everyone to visit. A good rule of thumb is to use good manners and not to write anything you wouldn't want your Nana to read!!!

And so, welcome to our hive!! Join me as I learn to knit socks, fillet a salmon, plant a garden, put up preserves, sew, and the list goes on! I'm looking forward to the adventure and I'm happy to have you along!

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