The Christmas Calmdown–Christmas in July!

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First things first...I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas in July! Did you know that there's only five months to go!? But there's no need for you to panic, is there, because YOU, smart reader, are planning ahead with us for a calm December! And we're pleased as can be to have you along!
This month, you get a treat. Think of it as a little Christmas in July gift from Ainsley and I. This month, instead of making a plan, or starting a budget, I’m going to encourage you to take some time to capture the Christmas spirit. It can be as simple as listening to your Christmas playlist (with headphones on if you don’t want to explain yourself, but I encourage heartfelt carolling). If it’s not too hot where you are, or you have AC, why not whip up a batch of your family’s favourite Christmas cookies. Slip a  classic Christmas movie into the player, or dig out a Christmas romance and curl up by the (camp) fire and get lost in the holiday spirit.
A favourite tradition of mine is to purchase ornaments throughout the year and put them away until it’s time to decorate the tree. It’s just like Christmas morning (see what I did there?) when I dig them out of the drawer or cabinet they’ve been hiding in and finally let them join my collection. Over the years I’ve acquired a cast iron pan complete with eggs and bacon, a fanciful bonbon from a candy store, and many, many sea themed ornaments.
Got some time on your hands? Now is a perfect time to do some holiday crafting. Why not work on a quilted tree skirt or new stockings while at the cabin this summer? Christmas 2010 photos still on your craft room table? Enjoy a staycation scrapbooking weekend!
Or, if you’re like me, you maysometimes rely on the internet to help visions of sugarplums dance through your head when times are busy. I’ve just joined Pinterest (Nestygirl, if you’re interested in following me) and my first board is Vacation Inspired Christmas Ornaments; hey, a girl can dream that she’s Hawaii or Paris bound, can’t she?
However you choose to enjoy your Christmas in July, be sure to do just that, enjoy it. And let the magic start to grow…because before you know it, Fall will be here (can’t wait!), and with it, the mad, wonderful, headlong rush into the holiday season. I can taste the turkey now! See you next month!
The Christmas Calmdown is a monthly series co-hosted by Kim of Nesty and Ainsley of Pattycake Manners. We’re planning ahead for a calm December, and you can, too! By doing a little bit each month, we’re looking forward to Bailey’s by treelight come December, not mall madness, air-tight schedules, and smokin’ credit cards! So grab a button and join us, it’s never too late to Calmdown!