About Nesty

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."  ~Confucius"

Welcome to Nesty!

Nesty is a lifestyle blog.  Almost a year ago my husband and I packed up and left our home in Cape Breton on the East Coast to move to Kitimat BC in the Pacific Northwest.  As we began our new life, we decided that we would embrace the adventure and as part of that would seek to pursue a lifestyle rich with activities and practices that would make us better, more well-rounded people. With this blog I will share with you our pursuit for a better life through simplified living.

About simplified living.  To me, this means cutting away the excess and leaving what you really need and want to be happy and healthy. It means knowing where you're going and what you're doing with a clear head and a happy heart.  It's being content, confident, and comfortable in your life.  Obviously, life is not simple but it has been my observation that today, too many people live their lives with a constant weight of stress and tension bearing down upon them.  Life will hand you plenty of stress that you will have no choice but to handle, but you don't need to go adding to it unnecessarily!

As part of this "simplified living" I'm looking forward to planting a garden, learning to knit, sewing, fishing, greening our home, caring for our fur babies, to name just a few things.   Along the way I'm sure there'll be plenty of laughter and the occasional muffled oath. And so, I hope you choose to follow my quest for a honeyed life and a happy home.