Weekending and Dreaming of Spring

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of happy weekend-y things! Things like breakfasts, parties, sleep-ins, and dog walks, those simple past-times that remind you that you aren’t on the clock!

We had a lovely weekend here at the hive. Saturday started late after sleeping in. I whipped up some scrambled eggs and toast and wonderfully strong French press coffee. I have a new toy; after years of watching the legendary infomercial, we finally purchased a Magic Bullet mixer. I have to confess I’m hooked. I used it to whip up the scrambled eggs. We were going to a party later in the evening so I decided to make two dips, guacamole and black bean dip. So, after eggs we made a quick trip to the grocery store. Well, my poor little Bullet met its match, rock hard avocados. By the time everything was ready I didn’t have time for a disco nap but I’d had a fabulous workout! We headed out for the evening and had a great time with friends.

Sunday we slept in again (hey, what are weekends for!). I made pancakes with raspberry syrup for breakfast (again with the Bullet!). We worked off the pancakes with a walk along the shore of the Kitimat River with some friends and chatted about how much we are looking forward to fishing season. Since Sunday was British Yorkshire Pudding Day, we had planned to have pot roast, but it didn’t thaw in time (blame it on a late night!). Luckily we had a few t-bones thawed and wouldn’t you know, they taste great with Yorkshire Puddings, too!

I also finished my first sock! I can’t wait to show off the completed pair. I got to try a few new techniques such as turning a heel and shaping a toe!

Looking Ahead…

We received our Vesey’s Seed Catalogue last week! This summer we are planning to have a vegetable garden and so we’re having a great time flipping through the catalogue pages and deciding what we want to plant. Even though it’s still February and according to the groundhog we have 6 weeks of winter left, there’s something about a seed catalogue that makes you feel a little bit warmer.
Our plan is to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, beans, peas, squash, and pumpkins (which I know are technically a squash but I like the word pumpkin). Also some herbs. I’m also planning to freeze and preserve as much as I can. Ordering the seeds will be the first step in a project that will take the better part of a year. Planting will actually get underway in March as we start our tomatoes and peppers indoors. I’m looking forward to sharing our progress with you as we work towards our garden.

Enjoy the week ahead!

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  1. yay for your finished sock I can't wait to see them :) I knew you could do it! I really like the new theme to your page looks great.



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