A Room of My Own...

I struggled with the title of this post, really I did.  It's so, so cliched, and yet I couldn't think of anything more appropriate.

I have a room of my own!!

It's a craft room, a place for all my scrapping, sewing, knitting, and everything else supplies, so I have a place to create.  It's a place for my computer, so I have somewhere to work on my blogging.  It has a beautiful big window with a fabulous view of the mountains, so I have a place to think, to dream.

I love it!

It's not perfect yet.  I still have to hang some art and put a few more touches on it to make it really me.  But it is neat and tidy and operational, and finally, after all these months, I have all my stuff organized and in one place.  What shall I do first?  I have a ton of scrapping to get caught up on, so I could do that.  My sister sent me a vintage apron pattern and some funky fabric for Christmas, that would be a great project! Hmmmmm...

It's a funny thing, when a grown up gets their "own room."  As kids living in our parent's homes, we live for the day we get our own space.  Just having a door to close on the rest of the world seems like the greatest thing ever.  Many of us then moved out, either to apartments or dorms.  Even if we had room-mates, there was still a sense that this was our own space.  And finally, for some of us, getting married or "moving in" with a significant other.  While this is all sunshine and rainbows at the time, and we still wouldn't change it for anything,  there's a part of you that soon realizes that you really, really miss having your own space!!!

I've had some really funny conversations with people about this concept.  Anyone who's shared a small apartment with a romantic partner knows the challenges that can present!  In time, we move on to larger apartments or even houses, but lucky is the gal who can claim her own space!

In our present home, we are lucky to have three "bedrooms."  Well, one is a bedroom but the others are earmarked for other uses. When we first moved in I decided to make one of the rooms into a craft room, however it never evolved much past a computer room.  A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend who had recently made a knitting room for herself and I was so inspired that I decided to finish my space!  The other room is going to be a study for my husband; unfortunately (for him) his room is the last to be done and is currently holding a lot of storage.  But, the study is our next project and I'm sure that before long we will both be blissfully content in our very own rooms.

The dogs have claimed the sofa for themselves, after all.  Where else could we go?

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