If You Go Into the Woods Today...

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz...and so has the skunk cabbage!

Skunk Cabbage, a favorite bear treat
 Molly the Wonder Dog and I have been enjoying exploring the prime walking areas in our new neighborhood.  We've found a great route that goes strait down the hill into town, with a slight incline that provides a nice light workout for me on the way up.  It passes a few wooded areas, and while passing one of these areas the other day, we smelled a familiar "perfume" on the air.  Peering into the woods and down into the ravine below, we spotted the first bright green clumps of skunk cabbage.

Skunk cabbage is a favorite bear treat, and if you see it you can be assured that bear sightings are not far behind!  One of our favorite memories of our early days in Kitimat was of driving around and seeing bears frolicking about...on roadsides, in the rivers, and in the dumpster behind the local burger joint!  We haven't seen any yet this year, but I'm sure they'll be making an appearance soon! 

A bear we encountered on a drive last Spring

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