Can This Plant Be Saved?

Friends, we need your help!

And by "we" I mean my new spider plant and myself.

I was shopping in a large department store which shall remain nameless the other day, and as has become my ritual, I took a stroll to the garden department to look for houseplants.  Lately, I've been picking up one or two at a time, and I'm getting quite a nice collection.  There was a line of very robust, exotic tropicals for approximately $9.00 each a few weeks ago, so we picked up a few of those.  For Easter I received an ivy which is growing like a bad weed; in fact I started two slips that I potted this weekend.  A friend brought me a kalanchoe for  a housewarming gift, and of course I had my three little primulas (still blooming away!).  However, I'd had my eye out for two plants in particular.  The first was for a pothos, because I've had a few of those and I know that they grow quickly, are incredibly resistant, and look nice.  The second was a spider plant.  I wanted the spider plant mostly because of it's air purifying abilities, but also because I like how they look.  And, as I was recently reminded, they have babies!!  So I was pleased to find several trays of both pothos and spider plants for $2.00 each.  I started scanning the tray for the hardiest looking specimens, when one poor little spider caught my eye and tugged at my heart strings...
Love me...please?
I felt terrible.  The beautiful spiky leaves of this spider, as you can see, are dried out and brown.  The soil in the container had receded and the plant was in desperate need of a drink.  Bypassing healthier specimens (although to be clear, none of these plants were going to win the blue ribbon at the fair) I gently placed this little fellow, and a pothos (slightly scarred but otherwise OK) into my cart.  I picked out two terracotta pots and some fertilizer, and brought them home.  I come by this honestly; my mom has been "rescuing" half dead plants for years.

That was Thursday.  I re-potted them over the weekend.  The pothos, true to form, is already showing signs of new growth.  The chlorophytum spider is doing better than it was, but I have some questions about how to proceed with it in order to make sure he has a fair chance at flourishing.  Maybe, just maybe, if you all help me out, it can even have some spider babies!

So, here's what I need to know:
  • Should I trim the dead stuff off the leaves, remove the leaves entirely, or leave the whole thing alone?
  • Should I fertilize it at this point or let it get used to it's new pot, new home, love, and regular waterings?
  • Watering...the info with the plant says to "water moderately;" not to let it stand in excess water, but not to let it dry out entirely.  How do you gauge when your spider plant needs water?
  • Other than talking to it, is there anything else I can do to help it along?
I was discussing the plant with a friend the other day, and we both commented that we thought that spider plants were supposed to be fairly hardy and easy to care for, however if you go by the information that comes with the plant they actually seem a bit fussy.  Has that been your experience, or is it as I recall and they are actually pretty easy to care for?

So please, share your wisdom with us!  I'll post updates of its progress; I'm confident that this little rescue plant will have a long and happy life with us!

Speaking of updates, here's a peek at how my herbs are doing...
Here we grow!
So, as you can see, the basil and chives are growing along quite well.  The rosemary and sage, not so much.  I compared notes with the friends who gave me the seeds and they are having the same experience, so we are assuming there must be an issue with the seeds.  Oh well, luckily I've seen rosemary transplants at the local garden center so I will pick up a few for my containers.  I'm thinking of doing a few indoor pots as well!

I also made the Strawberry Banana Jam I mentioned last week.  It turned out really well, but it was kind of funny; when I tasted it it was not like I remembered.  The banana pretty much renders down and leaves a sweet taste and smooth texture, with nice chunks of strawberry and bits of chopped orange.  It's delicious, but I can't recall tasting it before.  Isn't that weird?  I know I made it, and I'm sure I used the same recipe, but I can't remember putting orange in it, and I was remembering it as more "banana-y."  At any rate, I'm pleased with my jam and think I may try a variation, "Plantation Strawberry Banana Jam" which adds a can of pineapple to the recipe and reduces the banana.  I'm also on the lookout for more rhubarb, so if anyone in the Kitimat area knows where I can get some, please let me know!

We've been having beautiful weather the past few days, and I hope it keeps up!  My dogs have been loving their new yard, and I'm so happy they finally have a place to go out and just be dogs without me having to be with them constantly or tie them up!  Molly just lies in the middle of the grass and looks around, and Tinky is kept very busy doing daily inspections of the fence posts.  My portly little Yorkie is actually looking very trim this days, and I'm looking forward to taking both of my babies to the groomer soon for some kicky summer do's!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Okay! I love interactive posts!! As for Spidey, keep doing what you are doing. Don't fertilize yet. Give him a chance to get used to the new changes first. Go ahead and trim the brown ends, but I would let the leaves stay until it is more stable. As for water requirements, I just wouldn't soak him in the sink or anything. A good drink when the soil is no longer spongey ( every 2 weeks or so? ) should be good.

    And as for the Rosemary, folklore says that Rosemary seeds "need to go to the devil and back 13 times" before they head towards to other words, they are very slow to start! I remember sage taking a while too. Often woody plants take longer. Hope this helps!! And thanks for giving me a chance to exercise my inner Garden Girl! She's been rather dormant as of late!



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