Give Me The Simple Life - Part II - The Nesty Girl's Cloud of Inspiration

Some find it pleasant dining on pheasant
Those things roll off my knife;
Just serve me tomatoes, and mashed potatoes;
Give me the simple life.
 (Harry Ruby/ Rube Bloom, Give Me The Simple Life)

As promised, today I am going to share with you some of what inspires me in my quest to nest!  I had considered profiling just a few items and discussing why they inspire me, but I had trouble narrowing them down.  So instead, I've made a little cloud of all the wonderful people, places, and things that give me inspiration!

Family, friends, coffee, fountain pens, wild blueberries, things in jars, brightly coloured spices, cast iron frying pans, spirtles, candles, ribbon, perfectly folded towels, the air after the rain, lilacs, puppy dogs ears, The Betty Crocker Cookbook, red wine, Rachel Ray, the produce section, a fresh bouquet of flowers, plain crystal tumblers, a perfectly clean kitchen, Monday morning, Christmas Eve, cozy jammies, rainy evenings, original pottery, homemade socks, table cloths, aprons, new notebooks, Martha Stewart, my lusterware tea set, warm laundry fresh from the dryer, birthday cakes, brown paper and twine, nice stationery, mugs, hot tea, mercury glass ornaments, tea towels, copper bottomed pots, cream & sugar sets, wool blankets, buttercream frosting, real food, sauteing garlic, farm markets, the Ikea catalog, crisp autumn days, cats, lemons,  being home.


I'm listening! I really appreciate when you take the time to comment, and I read every one!