Window to My World - Mountain Goats in Jasper, Alberta

This is a favorite memory from our "Great Canadian Road Trip."  The Rocky Mountains appear on the horizon and are truly awe inspiring.  I was beyond thrilled driving through the breathtakingly beautiful Jasper National Park, and was delighted that we "crossed the border" into our new home province in the middle of all this beauty (the border between Alberta and British Columbia is in Mount Robson Park).  

The drive across Canada was amazing, truly an experience everyone should do at least once!  We came from almost as far East as one can go in Canada, and traveled almost are far West as you can go.  On our way from the Atlantic to the Pacific, we passed the Great Lakes, drove into the Canadian Shield, and crossed the prairies, but when we saw the Rockies approaching we knew we were almost "home." 

We saw many wonderful sights, but these mountain goats and their Rocky Mountain home were definitely a highlight for me!!


  1. Hi Kim, I'm going to tty on here since I never get to see you around here... Mike and I fave part of our bike trips has to be the Rockies.. they are so beautiful right, I have yet to see mountain goats, only have seen Elk and oh my they are big when you are on a motorcycle...our dream is to drive across Canada on the bike, hopefully one of these summers!!! We want to go right across to your neck of the woods.. maybe when we win a lottery lol.. have a great week..Sue

  2. lovely, I could really use some of your lovely green right now, and mountain goats, amazing!

  3. We've always loved travelling through the Rocky Mountains and seeing the wildlife there too! We actually spent our honeymoon camping at Mt. Robson (in the pouring rain unfortunately!).


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