Windown to My World - Please, Dad?

Like most pet owners, we do our best to instill good manners in our dogs.  However, some habits are hard to break.  Although our dogs usually hover close by when we're eating (just in case) they know enough to keep a polite distance.  Should one of them be brave enough to try giving us their paw, a firm "NO" is usually enough to send them on their way.  There are, however, a few foods that are apparently so irresistible to them that they become more aggressive in their begging than usual.  Steak is one of those foods, and was what we had for supper tonight.  They were so cute sitting there at attention, Molly occasionally pawing the air, that I couldn't resist snapping this picture over my husband's shoulder.  

And no, despite how cute they are, they did not get any steak!  Dogs - 0, Humans - 1

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Nesty, Thats a cute one!! too bad they didn't get steaks...:) Have a great week yourself!!


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