Gone Hiking - North Cove Trail

Today, we decided to pack up the dogs and head out to one of Kitimat's many hiking trails, the North Cove Trail.  This trail is rated easy to moderate, and it provides a little bit of everything.  Cathedral like calm in the woods, rugged coast, inclines and some uncomplicated climbing combine to make this a fun hike for just about everyone.  This link will take you to Tourism Kitimat's descriptions of the many trails in our area; at the bottom of the page is a link for a PDF file of their hiking trail booklet.

It was raining today, and this made some parts of the hike a bit slippery, however, this was only on the beach and we could have skipped that part (but we didn't, 'cause we needed an ocean fix!)  I did, however, get a skinned knee!  It was a bit humbling to watch my pups charge down the slimy rocks ahead of me with nary a slip while I slid down knee first!

This was Tinky's first hike (with us) and we set out unsure of how he would fare.  We were very impressed with how he made out.  Our rugged little Yorkie kept pace for the majority of the hike and only had to be carried over a few particularly rugged spots (he assured us he could handle it but we decided to err on the side of caution.  As a breed, the Yorkie's excessive confidence has landed them in trouble in the past!).  He did accept a ride on his dad's shoulder at the end on our walk to the Jeep, but he ran the last few meters on his own four legs. And Molly, an experienced hiker, put us all to shame with her natural athleticism.  She even charged into the choppy Douglas Channel for a quick swim in the Pacific Ocean!

Tonight, we are all a bit sleepy, but in that good, "fresh air and exercise" kind of way.  Here's a few pictures from our adventure.  Enjoy!


  1. wow this sounds so fun though. I miss hiking..:( love all the pictures!!


  2. "nary" is my word of the week .... highly underused in my opinion, last week I used fortnightly as often as I could :)

  3. Thanks, it was fun! Sometimes we forget how much there is to do right in our own back yard (give or take a few kilometers!).

    And I agree, "nary" is a word we don't use often enough :)


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