Retro Recipes - Rice Krispie Squares

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Whether you went back to school, sent kids back to school, or just dealt with everyone else going back to school (thanks to Facebook and Twitter) it's been a long, hard week!  And after a long hard week, you deserve a treat!  A Rice Krispie Treat, to be exact!

Rice Krispie Treats were invented in 1939 by Kellogg's employee Mildred Day. Day, a Campfire Girls leader, was looking for an inexpensive fundraiser for the organization. She adapted the treat we know today from another recipe known as "puffed rice brittle," substituting Campfire Marshmallows for the molasses and vinegar the brittle recipe called for.  The sweeter treat was a huge success, and it wasn't long before Kellogg's began printing the recipe on Rice Krispie boxes.  (Source:

Part of the real beauty of Rice Krispie squares is their simplicity. (If you've never made them read the official recipe for Rice Krispie Squares; you'll be amazed.)    I take it one step further and melt the butter, marshmallows and vanilla in the microwave (just keep an eye on it; as I discovered the other day it makes a fabulous mess if it overflows).  So for busy "back to school" households, this is a tasty treat that can be whipped up in a jiffy!  And yet, despite how easy they are to make, this humble treat still receives a hero's welcome any time it makes an appearance.  

A few "field notes" if you will.  I have discovered over the years that it is best to use a good quality marshmallow so I use Jet-Puffed by Kraft as a general rule.  After reading an article recently that said that generic "Krispie" and "O" cereals are just as good as brand name versions, I decided to purchase generic krispies for a batch of squares that I made last week.  My verdict is that you should spring for the actual Kellogg's Rice Krispie's.  The generic brand I used were really, really sharp and were somewhat unpleasant to eat at times; treats shouldn't be painful, in my opinion!).  That being said, if you have a generic brand of marshmallows and krispies that are working for you, by all means, keep using them! And finally, you can add more cereal if you want a firmer square (I do this).

Have a wonderful weekend full of happy memories and lots of treats (Krispie or otherwise!)


  1. I love retro-recipes!

    Stopping by from BMBF! Your blog caught my eye.
    I'd love if we would follow one another..I always follow back.

    Have a terrific weekend!

  2. I'll have to give these a go again. Can you believe i never have luck with Rice Krispie squares??

  3. You have a great blog!! I am really enjoying looking around. Thanks for sharing!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ BTW I found you on a blog hop!

  4. I made these not too long ago and my husband and I sat and ate the whole pan. These are too good!

    I am here for the Friday blog hops and am following you via google reader. I hope to see you at Dropped Stitches.

    xo Erin


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