Scraps of Me - Pretty Cake Bunting!

A new trend that I've seen making its way around blog-land is bunting.  I adored this Ten Minute Bunting Card that I saw at Trendy Treehouse, and whipped up several this week in festive fall colours.  Many posts on fall decorating have featured bunting on mantles, shelves, and windows, another idea I can't wait to try.  But one of my absolute favorite uses for bunting without a doubt, is Cake Bunting.

I've seen a lot of examples of cake bunting over the last few weeks.  You can purchase bunting ready made, but honestly, it couldn't be easier to make.  All you need are two bamboo skewers, some twine, and a few scraps of pretty paper.  Cut triangles out of your paper (they don't have to be perfect; bunting should have a sort of homespun charm to it), tie either end of your twine to a bamboo skewer, and glue the triangles to the twine.  I made two sets and arranged them so they were a little offset:

How cute is that?  I apologize for the picture; normally I try to avoid plugs, jacks, and empty frosting containers but I had to snap this picture quickly before the cake got consumed!  

This project literally took me ten minutes.  The great thing about the mini bunting projects (such as the card and the cake bunting) is that they are the perfect opportunity to use up leftover scraps of paper.  I used a few scraps of double sided Stampin' Up paper; what I really loved about this is that the bunting is pretty from any angle since the paper is double sided.  I had bamboo skewers, twine, and glue on hand so this project literally cost me nothing to make!

When I go to our local scrapbooking shop next week I am going to pick up some fun Fall and Halloween papers and make some garland bunting for my mantle.  Then I'll save the scraps and make some cake bunting for our Halloween celebrations! I can think of countless Christmas decorating ideas incorporating bunting...oh, the possibilities!

The next time you have something to celebrate (a birthday, a baby shower, or just a really great day!) fetch your stash and whip up some cake bunting!  It's fast and (practically) free Happy!


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  2. ooOOoo...what about a long bunting of little flags to wind around a tree?!? Now we're thinking!

    Thanks for the follow, returning the favor!

  3. I've been loving the bunting as well. I actually saw the cake bunting right before my son's birthday, but didn't have time to make one. Also wasn't sure that it was appropriate for a boy! LOL That cake is too cute!

  4. This is so cute! I love this idea and can't wait to try it.

    I have always called this bunting but have noticed that many people in the US call them banners. Whatever they are called they are so lovely!

    Best wishes,

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  7. Yes. Halloween mantle bunting. This, we must do.


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  13. this is too cute!

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  14. Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments!

    Regarding the bunting;
    K, I totally agree about the Christmas Tree Bunting! How cute would that be?
    Kristin, I was thinking that for a boy's party, the bunting could impart an old school baseball game vibe, or even a circus theme depending on the colours and patterns used.
    Natasha, being Canadian, we, like Australians, seem to have some "British-isms." We use a lot of British spellings, too; I'm sure some of my American readers are wondering why I keep mis-spelling "colour."
    Ains - I'm so excited about mantle bunting (sounds like a game!). I was thinking that the Stampin' Up Halloween and Christmas papers would make gorgeous seasonal bunting :)

    And to the rest of you, thanks for dropping by the nest! I truly hope you visit again :)

  15. That's cute! Saves putting up a banner across the entire room! :-) Thanks for visiting Cranberry Morning. Hope to see you again soon! :-)

  16. I love the whole thing! I think I will try this for my daughter's birthday coming soon! Coming from NFF...Three Pixie Lane!

  17. Thank you for the amazing birthday cake! Loved it!

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  20. oh, I really love this! how adorable and what a hip way to dress up a cake!


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