Halloween Primer Part III - Don't Forget Your Pets!

There's something about the days leading up to Halloween that seems to invite mischief, tricks if you will.  Acts of vandalism, pranks, and impromptu explosions of fireworks are some of the less fondly anticipated aspects of the spooky season.  Of course, in most cases, these incidents are mostly just annoying, and after a disapproving shake of the head, we go along with our day (or evening, usually.)  

Fireworks in particular are a popular Halloween annoyance, and the nights leading up to Halloween are peppered with explosions.  It didn't really bother us much until we got Molly, who, like many dogs, is absolutely terrified of fireworks.  Last Halloween was especially hard on her, as there were an exceptional amount of explosions going on.  Tinky doesn't seem to be as effected by them, but he does take his cues from Molly.  Long story short, they did a lot of barking, and I got a headache.  I thought that I had stumbled upon a solution when I found a "Sounds of Nature" radio station on the television for them to listen to.  It drowned out the fireworks, and they seemed to like the babbling brooks, cooing doves, and ocean waves.  What they didn't like at all was when the whales chimed in.  Back to barking!

What I'm essentially getting at is that, although Halloween is lots of fun for humans, even some of the more innocent parts of Halloween can be really hard on pets (think costumes, candy and trick or treaters).  Luckily, there are some great online resources to advise you on how to keep your furry friends safe, happy, and calm during the Halloween weekend:
 What these great articles all work to establish is that by taking a few precautions, you and your pet can have a safe and happy Halloween together!

Have a great weekend!  I'll be back on Monday as the countdown to Halloween continues!

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  1. the first sound of fireworks and my doggie heads for her kennel and doesn't come out till its all over.. works for both of us.. she loves her kennel...Happy Halloween...Sue


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