Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for Family, friends, turkey dinners, shorter days, crisp nights, home, time to breathe, kitty cats, funny hats, puppy dogs, new pens, crisp leaves, the smell of woodsmoke, Prayer, hot coffee, a single rose, a full moon, flannel jammies, ink smears, a day with no plans, farm markets, the unexpected, a letter from a friend, paper weights, a feeling of calm, the sound of laughter, remembering your favorite song, good dreams, last minute adventures, a sale rack, long drives, honey bees, the sound of waves, first snow, green plants, a new dress, warm cookies, funny movies, knowing that you can, the first step of a new journey, scented candles, solving a mystery, knowing you are loved, reading a great quote,   notebooks, new foods, naps, each new day...


I'm listening! I really appreciate when you take the time to comment, and I read every one!