Retro Recipes - Don't Toss That Turkey...Make Turkey Soup!

I've had a bit of a cold this week; nothing major but enough to make me feel a wee bit yucky.  Luckily, before I was stricken, I had whipped up a batch of turkey soup using the frame from my Thanksgiving turkey.

Now, I understand that traditionally one turns to chicken soup for a cold, but growing up, we were roasted turkeys far more than chickens.  It made sense; we were a large family and the average chicken probably wouldn't have made it through one dinner, let alone have enough left over for soup.  So, turkey wasn't just a holiday meal for us.  My mother always made turkey soup with the leftover frame.  Since it's just my husband and I in our current household, we have chicken more often than turkey; but regardless of the bird, I always make use of as much of it as I can.

Making homemade soup and stock is a little bit of home economy that I am fairly strict about.  To me, tossing a poultry frame in the garbage is essentially throwing away food, especially considering that making homemade soup couldn't be easier.  I've never really followed a recipe and neither did my mom; the knowledge of how to make homemade soup just passed along from generation to generation.  Essentially, I place the leftover frame into a stock pot, add enough water to cover it, throw in some aromatic vegetables like onions, carrots, and garlic, and some herbs and spices.  Then, I bring the whole thing to a boil and let it simmer for a while.  Once it has simmered down to stock-y perfection, I drain the stock into a soup pot and and pick the meat off the bones once they are cool enough to handle.  To make the soup I simmer winter vegetable like potatoes, carrots, parsnips and turnips with onion, garlic, and herbs and spices until the veggies are tender and then stir in the turkey and simmer a bit longer.  Served hot with homemade biscuits this soup is comfort food at it's finest and has cured many a common cold (in my mind, at least).

There are many, many variations of turkey soup; if you'd like to explore some of them here is a link to Better Homes and Gardens Recipes for Leftover Turkey.

I often hear people complain that turkey is expensive.  However, when you consider that, with soup, you can get almost a week's worth of meals out of one bird, turkey suddenly becomes something of a money saver.  Watch for sales (especially with the holidays coming up) and buy an extra turkey to have in the freezer.

Halloween is coming up and in Nesty-land that's a very big deal!  I'm looking forward to sharing lots of tasty treats and crafty tricks with you over the next few weeks!

Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!

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  1. I like turkey soup... but I didn't taste with garlic. Thanks to visit my blog. I was following yours because I like your recipes!

  2. Thanks for stopping by...Great article and the reminder of turning that poultry frame into a nice stocky pot of soup was beneficial to me in couple of ways, not wasting food and the fact I haven't made soup in awhile ;) I'm here to return the follow :)

  3. Hello... that turkey soup looks so yummy!!

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  4. Hmmm..."frame" sounds so much more civilized than "carcass". I'll have to remember that ;)

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  6. Oooo! I love your blog! Following from Friendly Friday. :)

  7. we always have turkey soup, and turkey tacos after Thanksgiving here in your recipe, yummy!

  8. that looks delicious! there's really nothing better to soothe a cold than some delicious healthy soup. In fact, I'm making a meatball soup right now for dinner. I'll have to share my recipe one day, my family loves it.

    I cannot wait to see all that you have to share with us for Halloween, I just love this holiday.

    Hope you're having a cozy day and hope you're feeling better soon.


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