A Christmas Update...

Hello, Everyone!

I'm just stopping by for a few minutes to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope your holidays are going well.  

Thanks to all of you who stopped by with comments during the "Not-So-25-Days-of-Nesty."  I may not have hit my target this year, but I had fun sharing some of my plans, favorite ideas and quotes, and I have LOTS of material for next December's posts.  In truth, I got to the point where I realized I could write about having the perfect Christmas, or I could put the computer away and actually have a perfect Christmas.  And so, dear readers, I'm taking a break until the New Year.  I'm going to knit, go for walks, make long phone calls home, and read sappy Christmas romances while drinking tea (and other, more "festive" beverages) by the tree and enjoy every moment that's left of the holiday season without a speck of guilt. I hope you do the same.

And so, my friends, Happy Holidays!  I'll see you next year!!!


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  1. As it should be! Enjoy your blog break, and know that I will be here when you return to the Nest!!



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