A Very Nesty Christmas - Thursday, December 2, 2010

"They err who thinks Santa Claus comes down through the chimney; he really enters through the heart."
~ Mrs. Paul M. Ell.
Nesty Christmas Happy # 1...
The Yuletide Fireplace is back!

Every year, a channel magically appears in our television program guide called "Yuletide Fireplace."  Click on it and your television screen fills with a crackling fireplace and the air is alive with the sounds of Christmas music.  A little cheesy?  Maybe, but it's pure nostalgic gold.  
We received a DVD of a Yule Log a few years ago and I think we surprised ourselves with how often we actually popped it in the player during the holidays.  We've also discovered that it's the perfect background music and scenery during holiday parties.   
The Yuletide Fireplace is actually quite an old tradition.  According to Wikipedia, the original film was created in 1966 by WPIX and was recorded in Gracie Mansion.  It aired during Christmas for 23 years, although the original 17 second recording was replaced with a longer version.  You can read the entire Wikipedia article here. 
The Yule Log program we know and love is no doubt a knock off of the original WPIX program.  No matter, it is still cheery and warm and so much fun!  It can actually be an absolute hoot during holiday get-togethers; we often find ourselves making a game out of trying to guess where the film loops, or of predicting when the hand will appear to adjust the log.  (If this doesn't sound that funny, you have to imagine it after a few egg nogs!)

We keep our television in the basement rec room, which I'm planning to clean and decorate this weekend.  You can bet that I will have the festive sight and sound of the Yuletide Fireplace keeping me company!

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  1. Wow!!! Loving the look of the "Nest"!!! And yes, I'll agree with how entertaining it is to watch for the hand!


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