Retro Recipes - Chocolate Chip Cookies

-Cookie Monster
 Alrighty, we've got something good cooking today!  After all the gourmet goodies that go along with the festive season, I was ready to bake up something sweet and simple this week.  And what could be better than Chocolate Chip Cookies?
Last month I decided to treat myself to some new baking supplies.  I found a three pack of actual steel baking sheets (swoon) at a terrific price!  I am rather traditional when it comes to cooking supplies; I'm not a big fan of non-stick or other coatings.  I also picked up an extra long cooling rack and a new patty-shell pan (this was non-stick but I'm on the lookout for an alternative).  It was great to have all this during my marathon holiday baking sessions, but now that I'm back to reality I have an even deeper appreciation for them.  For months I'd been baking cookies on one cookie sheet (sad, I know) and cooling them on a wee little square rack.  On weekday nights when I just want to whip up a batch of something, it moves along so much faster now with three pans!  My cookies turned out so lovely; no burned bottoms, just perfectly browned.  

I turned to my trusty Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook for the recipe.  These cookies receive a hero's welcome everywhere they go (it's true, they do!).  Gourmet has it's place, but more often than not you'll hit a winner with tradition.  BHG's recipe does not disappoint.  It uses a mix of white and brown sugars which I find makes for a better tasting cookie, richer and with more depth (I used demerara so they my cookies had that extra caramel-ly, molasses-y flavour).  I used my best vanilla and for the piece de resistance...Hershey's Special Dark chocolate chips.Click here for Better Homes and Garden's Our Best Basic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.   (I used the mix of shortening and margarine and skipped the nuts) 
Ahhhh, a thousand wonderful memories in one bite.  Sip your ice cold milk, close your eyes, and let the magic work.  There are no words.  Or are there....?



  1. Mmmm. I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday too, but used M&M bits left over from the Great Christmas Pantry Stock-Up instead. Not quite as retro, but still a hit with the Little People!


    Newest follower I hope you can come by & check us out! thanks

  3. Those looks cute. I think I should add some colorful chocolate chips to make it more cute for the kids.

  4. This is so simple to look at but I am sure that it can blow up your mind with its super chocolaty flavor. My kids really love this when I just made some of this yesterday.


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