Ch,ch,ch, changes....

Did you miss me?

SO much has happened since my last post (which was over two weeks ago...eeep!)  We're moving (again!); just a few streets over but it's still a move!   I dislike having to pack up and go again but I think we've finally find a rental that meets all our needs and that we can stay put in until we are due to transfer.  The second bit of news is that....I'm working again!  I decided at the end of the summer that I definitely wanted to re-enter the work force.  However, just because I decided I wanted to work did not mean that work wanted me! This was quite a change for me; back home I never had any trouble finding work.  In fact, work often found me!  However, I have finally found a great job (in the interest of keeping some of my life private, I'm not going to get into details, but suffice to say it is fabulous and I wake up happy every day!).

Soooo, what does this mean for Nesty?

Well, you may have noticed I've been cutting back on posting lately.  One of the reasons I started Nesty was to pursue and develop my writing, something I had planned to do after university and never did.  I set a writing schedule for myself of three posts a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I challenged myself to stick to that goal, and I did until December.  I am proud of that.  However, when I decided to really crank up my job search in January, I decided to relax the posting a bit. The last few weeks, with the news of our move and my starting work (not to mention a horrible, horrible bout of the flu) I have not been posting at all.  And I realized that now, when I don't write, I really miss it.  Yet, I realize that I won't have as much time for writing, not to mention the creative projects that make up my subject matter.

What to do?

To figure out my answer, I turned to you.  For the last few weeks, I've been pouring over my favourite blogs.  I know a lot of you work AND blog.  What I've observed is that you seem to write when inspired, not necessarily on a schedule.  A lot of you participate in memes and link ups to keep a posting schedule going between your own writing.  A lot of you keep it "short and sweet."  

I've been taking notes, readers.  You're a smart, inspiring, talented lot, and you've taught me a lot about what my next steps will be.

Nesty will continue.  I'll be popping in unexpectedly, not on schedule, not unlike a good friend stopping by for coffee.  I'm going to try my best to keep the philosophy of Nesty in my posting matter (pursuing a happy home and a honeyed life through simplified living).  I'd like to re-examine that philosophy from the perspective of a working woman who loves the domestic arts; I'm sure there's some good posts there!

So, please bear with me as I transition!  I think it's going to be great!

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