Birdwatching with the Yorkshireman

It didn't take long for Tinky Wink to settle into our hive. Like a lot of rescues, he had a sense of relief about him that even his occasional fits of anxiety couldn't hide. Initially, he spent many hours sleeping on comfy surfaces, regaining his energy. As his vigour returned, however, so did his spirit. He became more adventurous, and it wasn't long before we noticed that Tinky Wink had a past-time; bird watching. Our living room window has a wonderful view of the mountains that surround our town, and Tinky Wink took to sitting on the back of our sofa and enjoying the view. Around the same time we got a bird feeder and soon many, many birds were visiting our yard. The Yorkshireman loves them. Usually he just watches them intently but occasionally he get very excited. When we come to see what has him so animated we occasionally find obvious evidence, such as a dog or cat, or a large bird. More times than not, nothing seems amiss, except for the insistent barking of our small dog.

A few days ago the Sea Dog and I were having coffee in the living room and Tinky Wink was bird watching. A particuliary large group of juncos were lunching on our patio as a flock of red winged blackbirds looked on from a nearby tree. We're unsure whether it was a sudden move from the Yorkshireman, the blackbirds, or something else too large (or small) for the Sea Dog and I to comprehend, but suddenly all but 5 or 6 juncos took off as if predetermined. After a few moments Tinky Wink calmed down and resumed watching the yard, the mountain, and the remaining juncos. I commented to the Sea Dog how strange it was that all except a few juncos had flown away. The Sea Dog agreed, and pondered "Are they the really smart ones in the flock, or are they the ones who are too stupid to fly away?"

The Yorkshireman may know, but he's not telling...

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