Meet the Baby Bees

The Sea Dog and I are the happy parents of four fur babies. We've been acquiring our strange little family over the course of our 13 years together, and they bring us a lot of joy.

Phelts is our oldest. The Sea Dog brought him home from a film set and it didn't take long for us to realize that he is more an entity than a cat. He is a beautiful barn cat, part Siamese, and quite articulate. He is 12 now but seems much younger. He is dedicated to the Sea Dog but tolerates me!

Junior Mint came next. Minty was supposed to be a short haired male however she quickly evolved into the long haired beauty you see today. The Sea Dog brought her home to be my kitty (since Phelts is his), however, she became Phelts' constant companion instead. She is very much a cat; she likes us well enough but is quite independent and tends to keep to herself. She is know for adopting sock and mitten babies and can be found nesting them and crying to them.

Molly the Woodle came next. We rescued our beautiful dog daughter 3 years ago at 4 months old when her current owners were no long able to keep her. A terrier / Schnauzer mix, Molly is beautiful, smart, rugged and loyal. She is a story unto herself and you'll be hearing a lot more about her on this blog.

Our newest baby is Lemmy, aka Tinky Wink! We discovered him in our local newspaper where he was listed as the humane society's "Pet of the Week." We couldn't tell much about him from the description other than that he was very small and very sad. At the adoption we discovered that he is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, between 7 and ten years old. He had a lot of issues, but during his four months with us he's come a long way and he is a beloved member of our hive.

The baby bees are a big part of our life and will appear regularly in future posts. We are strong believers in rescue animals and can attest to how rewarding saving a life can be!

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