I Feel Pretty!

My new apron!!
I think that some of my favorite gifts over the years have been ones that allowed me to be creative.  This Christmas, I was very spoiled!  From my mother I received a box full of Stampin Up card making and scrapbook supplies.  From my husband's aunt I received a ball of gorgeous Kochoron wool, bamboo knitting needles, and a "Knit Kit;" everything I needed to knit a beautiful scarf.  These goodies came from Baadeck Yarns in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. And from my sister I received everything I needed to make a funky, vintage inspired apron.

Don't you just love rick rack!
These gifts have kept me busy over the last few months.  I made the scarf first, followed by some cards; you've seen or heard about these projects in previous posts.  More recently I made the apron.  I used to sew a lot, but haven't in recent years.  Sewing can be time-consuming and messy, and without a dedicated place to work, projects often didn't get finished.  But now, with my new craft room, I wouldn't have that issue.  I didn't have to worry about bits of fabric and thread on the floor or leaving fabric draped over chairs because I could just shut the door! And so, once my craft room was completed, I decided to sew my apron.

Contrasting Bow!
The apron pattern was McCalls's Pattern M5825 Apron and Oven Mitt by Jan Lutz, the Apron Lady.  I set to work cutting out the pattern pieces I would use.  Next it was time to pin the pattern and cut the fabric. Fabric is sold in two widths, 115 cm and 150 cm.  When you are preparing to pin your pattern, make sure you use the layout for the width you are using.  The pattern uses a contrast for the ties and bow, so my sister chose a funky floral and coordinating stripe called All That Jazz by Sheri Small.  It was a great idea to pick two fabrics from the same line because the colours matched perfectly.

Contrasting Pocket!

I finished most of the apron in one evening.  I made a few changes.  I added a contrast to the end of the ties, and I decided to make the patch pockets in a contrast as well. I was really pleased with the results!   The other change I made was on the neck ties; the pattern called for a button hole, but since I don't have much experience with button holes I used velcro tabs and sewed the button on top instead.  My mom made this suggestion and it worked perfectly.  If I made the apron again, I would adjust it so that the neck ties were either long enough to actually tie, or were sewn into place.  I found it difficult to find the perfect place to place the velcro.  Also, I am going to make the bib a bit longer so it will have a bit more of a custom fit.

Contrast on Ties!
Velcro Tabs!
I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other patterns.  We were sorting through some old clothes the other day and found some items that I am planning to recyle into sewing projects.  There is one that will make an awesome short apron that I'm really excited to try!  I am also looking forward to recyling an old sun dress into the underskirt of another apron featured in this collection!

I'm feeling all inspired now to host a dinner party or wield a feather duster...there's just something about aprons!

Tinky likes my apron, too!


  1. Yay for aprons!! I wear mine almost daily and love it. I still haven't made one myself, but I'm so glad to hear that you did!! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Great pics!! Your apron is beautiful!!

  3. Thanks! I always loved Aunt Irene's aprons and she wore them all the time. McCall's has a couple great patterns, I think I may purchase a few more.


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