Earth Hour 2010

Happy Friday, everyone!  Alright, so I haven't actually worked in almost a year, and my husband works shift work, so Fridays aren't even usually the start of our weekends.  And yet, I still wake up Friday mornings with that excited something's going to happen feeling!  Often, all that happens is that the flyers arrive, but that's still something!

This weekend, however, something is going to happen - Earth Hour!  In case you aren't familiar, Earth Hour is an event where people across the world turn their lights off for 1 hour at 8:30 PM to demonstrate that they are demanding action on climate change.  In preparation for Earth Hour 2010, I decided to check out the official website,    This website has lots of great news and information about Earth Hour, including the following facts that the WWF would like you to know about the event:

5 Things we want the world to know about Earth Hour
  1. We can solve 3/4 of climate change by changing the energy we use.
    First step is cutting down our use. Do those lights really have to be on? Can the computers be turned off at night? Think before you switch on.
  2. 10 million Canadians care about leadership on climate change.
    Every person who participates in Earth Hour is sending a clear and inspiring message to our leaders to take further action needed to help our planet.
  3. We're in the hot seat this summer - and it's not on the beach!
    Canada is hosting the G8 and G20 Summits in Huntsville and Toronto in June, and climate change is on the agenda. Let's show the world what we are capable of.
  4. Wildlife's best hope is avoiding 2 degrees Celsius.
    Global warming is already threatening our coral reefs, the base of ocean life. If we can limit the warming, we can stop 1/3 of species from risking extinction.
  5. WWF wants to help you make every hour Earth Hour.
    There's a big growing community online of people wanting to do more and looking for support. Join us at
                        (taken from

Candles, Earth Hour 2009
My husband and I observed Earth Hour together for the first time in 2008.  We made an event of it by picking up takeout and eating by candlelight.  We had a lot of fun, and ended up leaving the lights off for awhile after Earth Hour had officially ended.  Have you ever noticed that there's something fun about the lights being off?  I know it's probably wrong, but I secretly love a power outage!  Reading or playing games by candlelight, stumbling around with flash lights, there's just something exciting and adventurous about that!  And so, last year, when my husband was away, I decided that I would still celebrate Earth Hour on my own!

Molly, Eco-Dog
I made sure I had plenty of candles, snacks, and a bottle of wine.  I actually got really into it and did some Earth Hour "decorating" around the house.  As 8:30 approached, I started turning off lights, the television, the stereo, the computer.  Just the process of turning everything off was an eye-opener as to how much electricity just one woman can use! Finally, the fur babies and I settled into the den for an hour of candlelight and quiet reflection.

Earth Hour Decor
We rarely take a moment to just "be," let alone a whole hour.  Even the previous year we had been chatting, eating, playing backgammon.  This year, I was on my own in a silent apartment dimly lit by candles.  It was a wonderful meditative experience, and I had a lot to ponder!  In a few days I would quit my job and board a plane to Regina, where I would watch my husband graduate from the RCMP Training Academy at Depot Division.  We would return home and, just a few short days later, drive away from our beloved Cape Breton Island and travel across Canada to our new home in an unknown town called Kitimat in British Columbia.  Suddenly, an exercise in advocating for change had evolved into a personal exercise in contemplating change. As the candles flickered, the clock passed to 9:30 and Earth Hour ended, my whole world was about to change...
Our New Home!
What a difference a year makes!  Graduation and our trip across Canada passed in a whirl, but we had a fabulous time!  We adore Kitimat and have settled in and made many great new friends.  And while I have left one career behind (at least for now) I have started writing again and am looking into other options.  As Earth Hour 2010 approaches, a whole new world is opening up for me and my family, and we are loving every minute of it!

As part of our new life we have been working towards capturing the spirit of Earth Hour every day with a dedication to a greener lifestyle and an appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us.  Traveling across Canada showed us how incredibly beautiful our home and native land truly is, and how much there is to lose if we do not do our part to protect it!

And so, no matter how you choose to observe it, I hope your Earth Hour is inspiring!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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