Time for Me, Time to Be...

Recently, a short film shot in Nova Scotia enchanted the world and went, in the language of our times, viral.  The video, called How to Be Alone features Tanya Davis, a poet, singer, and song writer,  performing her poem in a variety of settings, accented by charming hand drawn animation by director Andrea Dorfman.

Davis' message is a good one, and it left me thinking. And although, based on a few articles I read, the poem is referring more to being romantically unattached, I think that it can resonate for others who are alone in different capacities.  For many people, being alone is a hard reality, and something that they truly struggle with. 

Relocation is going to be a regular reality for our foreseeable future, and so I count myself lucky that I enjoy being alone.  My nest is my haven, and I love spending time here.  I spent six months alone during my husband's training, and courses often take him away for a week or so at a time.  And I'm fine with that. I may not always like it, but I'm fine with it.  I'm comfortable being alone, with my books, my music, my crafts and my cooking.  I have wonderful conversations with my dogs.  Do I get lonely?  Absolutely.  But there are some aspects of being alone that I rather enjoy, and, though they may not be enough to make me crave being alone, they certainly make alone time tolerable.  Eating what I want (popcorn or ice cream for dinner, why not?), staying up late watching marathons of cooking shows, spending hours crafting or reading a new novel are a few of the little "home alone" indulgences that I allow myself.  And to me, the best thing about being alone for a while is that it really makes me appreciate the wonderful life that I don't live alone, but share with a really great man.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I'll see you on Monday!


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