Window to My World - "If You Go Into The Woods Today..."

Shortly after we arrived in Kitimat, we were enjoying a Saturday afternoon drive when we rounded a corner and saw this fine fellow on the road ahead.  We kept a safe distance away (this photo is taken with a zoom) until this Grizzly Bear retreated back into the woods, leaving the road free for us to pass.  However, after we had driven by, we paused for a moment and looked back.  Guess who was back in the road, watching us drive away?

Although fascinating, bears are wild animals with the potential to be very dangerous, and should always be treated as such.  For some information on bear safety, here is a link to a page of information prepared by BC Parks.

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  3. The chance to see bears and mountains and the ocean are are part of the fun of living in BC (as long as you do it with safety in mind)! Lol. Have a great day!

  4. oh, this makes me miss my hometown!


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