A Good Cow

This week we observed the end of something we had become very fond of.  It was reliable, convenient, versatile, and, well, delicious.  I'm referring to, of course, our cow.

Not a whole cow mind you.  Those of you who have been reading along since the beginning will remember my post about purchasing a half a side of beef last Fall.  Well, this week we finally ate the end of it.  Now, if we hadn't experienced the Great Beef Thaw of 2010, last year's cow would probably have gotten to room with this year's cow.  With that in mind, we've decided to purchase less beef this year and will be getting an eighth instead of a quarter.  

A few weeks ago I took stock of what was left of the cow.  We had consumed almost everything I'd prepared during my Beef Cookoff, or as I like to refer to it "Iron Chef - Battle Thawed Cow." (To briefly summarize what I'm referring to, last June my freezer somehow got turned off.  By the time I discovered it, the contents had thawed, including A LOT of beef.  Thankfully it was still icy but I had to cook for several hours and refreeze all of that.  The grand finale was a Prime Rib feast with our friends, since I couldn't bear to see those cuts fried and re-frozen.)  Now, almost 6 months later, we were down to a container of beef and onion broth, a freezer bag of cooked stew meat, and a container of meat pie filling.

I made the meat pie a few weeks ago.  Isn't it pretty?

 This week I decided to use the broth and the beef to make a stew.  However, by the time I would have thickened it, the soup looked and smelled so great that I decided not to thicken it.  It was wonderful, especially with the sourdough rolls my husband picked up at the store.

And so, adieu Good Cow!  We enjoyed having you around, and we look forward to meeting your tasty replacement!


  1. Can you FB me the meat pie filling recipe? Oh, and goodbye to your bovine friend :)

  2. That's alot of beef. It seems that you are a versatile cook being able to cook the different ways without getting sick of always eating beef. The pie looks scrumptious!


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