Window to My World - Pumpkin Rock

When you move to a new town, it can seem strange, cold, and lacking when compared to the place you came from.  I have discovered, however, that in time, something pretty amazing happens.  Suddenly, your "new" town becomes "your" town, a warm, familiar place with traditions and customs you now embrace.  

Last Halloween, actually, just after last Halloween, we discovered one of our town's unique traditions.  Starting November 1, people from around the town bring their Jack-o-Lanterns to a rock face known as "Pumpkin Rock."  
We're not sure, this may actually be a fairly new custom, but it is one that we were excited to join in this year.  And so, despite the heavy rain, today we headed down to Pumpkin Rock to deliver our Jack-o-Lanterns to their final home.  They seem pretty happy to be there:
 We were really impressed with the pumpkin carving skills on display at Pumpkin Rock:
 After I said good-bye to our Jack-o-Lanterns one last time, we went for a drive to check out the local Inukshuks, which had been decorated for Halloween:
 And that, my friends, was Halloween in our town, a place that has come to feel very much like home!


  1. Oh goodness!! I wish WE had a pumpkin rock here! That is simply GREAT!!!! They all look so happy hanging out with their friends!! Super cute!

  2. Awesome! Texada had a pumpkin rock too, and we always loved taking our jack o'lanterns to join in!


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