A Nesty Halloween "Post-Mortem"

I absolutely adore Halloween, and we had a really great time this year!  As promised, here is a photographic review of our "Halloweekend!"  

We started things off on Saturday night with a Halloween party.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many of the attendees came in costume.  I decided to get all dolled up a la "Mad Men" in a wonderful vintage dress my mother found at a Value Village store several years ago.  I added a bee-hive, bluish red lipstick and some pearls, and I was ready to go!
One of our guests had celebrated a birthday earlier in the week, so we feted them with a cheerful chorus of Happy Birthday, and, of course, a cake:
 This cake was featured in the 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Halloween.  Another great idea I discovered from Martha was the idea of having a Halloween Candy Bar:
 This station proved quite popular and it sparked many fun discussions about favored (and not so favored) Halloween treats.  I am already planning a Christmas Candy Bar for our annual Typsy Eve bash (more on that in a future post).

We had a wonderful party. Our guests brought some really yummy treats; I'd like to say I didn't have cake for breakfast, but, well, that would be a lie.  We slept in and were pleasantly surprised that there was very little clean up required the next day.  A load of dishes, a sweep of the broom, and a trip to the barn with some garbage, and we were finished!  We had plenty of time to play dominoes, drink coffee, and carve some pumpkins!
  I used the same  set up from the Candy Bar to display our Halloween Treats.  
 We love to decorate for Halloween, and every year we pick up a new piece.  The treat bowl above was this year's addition, while the groovy silver jack-o-lantern was 2009's.  Below is a collage of some of our decorating, with a sampling of our decorative pieces:
 The Trick-or-Treating part of the evening went well; we had approximately 30 ghosts and goblins come to our door.  We still have lots of treats left over (oh dear!).  In between visitors, I enjoyed sitting by the fireplace and getting the Halloween reports from my friends and family across Canada via Facebook and the phone!  Now, the jack-o-lanterns are almost out, the door bell is silent, and it's just about time for one last cup of tea and maybe, just maybe, one more mini chocolate bar (but only one, I swear!).  Tomorrow, I can't wait to check out all the great Halloween stories in Blogland!

Have a wonderful week!  'Til Wednesday!


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