Time For a Talk...

It's not you, it's me.

I should have done something about this a long time ago, but I thought we could work.

Please don't take it personally, we've had some really great times together, but I'm just not feeling it any more.

I think I need a change.

Dear Winter Jacket....

I think we need to see other people.

Ha!  Had you going there for a minute, didn't I?  Nothing to fear, my friends, just feeling a little stale on the fashion front.  By now we are deeply entrenched in Winter, and with all due respect to the groundhogs of North America, I don't really think we will have an early Spring.  But one thing is for certain...

I will have to spend a lot more time with my winter jacket.

If you live in an area that either doesn't get Winter or doesn't get a cold Winter, you may wonder what the big deal is.  That is probably because you can indulge in the cute, lightweight, "winter" jackets that can be picked up for a song at mass retailers.  Those of us who spend October to May with the risk of snow, cold, and (ugh) freezing rain need to invest a little more in something substantial.  We will spend a lot of time in this garment.  So much so that the decision making process when purchasing it can rival that of buying a car.  When the decision is finally made, if we're lucky, we'll have found something that we absolutely love.  

For a time...

The first day we get to wear our new winter jacket  is soundtracked with "Winter Wonderland" and "White Christmas" (the Bing version).  Each step we take will have imaginary fluffy white bunnies and darling fawns prancing along beside us, and those steps will be prancing because our feet will be warm and dry in cozy winter boots. The air will  smell of candy-canes and hot cocoa.  Life is goooooood!

This little illusion will last, if we're lucky, until just after Christmas.  After that, a Northern gal's view of the world in that jacket...well, it changes....

The soundtrack is gone, replaced instead by the sound of snowplows and squealing brakes.  Forget walking, if you're lucky you'll be able to slip and slide to the car while clinging to the side of your house on account of the inch of ice that's coating everything.  As far as prancing goes?  Well, the damn coat and boots weigh a ton, and seem to be getting heavier, so prancing's out.  All self respecting animals are snug in their dens.  And the air...you don't want to know what the air smells like!

And the jacket....who picked this thing out, anyway?  

Ah, the pity party!  There's really no pleasing us.  A trip to town reveals that the winter jackets have all been packed away and it's all bathing suits, shorts, and flip flops (for those lucky enough to be heading south for a sun vacay).  Online, only the weird colours are left (even if they had our size).  Then we realize that we really don't want to buy a new winter coat anyway because we're sick of winter coats in general.  We want to buy the cute little sundress and sandals that we might be able to wear for, like, two weeks in August.  

Now me, I'm lucky (-ish).  I have other outerwear.  It's just too cold and / or damp and my winter jacket wins out every time because, like it or not, it's warm.  Getting ready to go out, I'll look longingly at my pretty red wool yet unlined military styled coat, my high heeled boots, my cute puffy vest.  And then I'll stick my nose outside, shiver, and reach for my winter jacket.

This is a self-indulgent little rant.  I'm very lucky to be able to afford nice, warm, and yes, actually stylish winter outerwear.  Lots of people can't.  So that's why, when I'm finished with my jacket this year, I'll be giving it to the local thrift store so someone can have a nice, warm, actually stylish winter jacket for a really cheap price.  I hope they enjoy the shiny satin fabric.  I hope they like the fact that it's warm and actually quite light weight.  I hope the snuggly faux fur on the generous detachable hood (I hate a small hood) makes them feel cozy and a bit glamorous.  And I hope they have as much fun and as many adventures in it as I have.

Do you have a garment that you have a love / hate relationship with?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!

Have a great week!


  1. that's a cute pic of you and that is one stylish jacket. I can feel the coldness just reading your post today. I love the jacket I currently own and you are too kind to give it away as I've had mine for about five years and can't depart from it...I just love it too much. It's light blue with a long zipper and with dark brown buttons, it's so pretty. Hope you're having a great day, stay warm

  2. I have a similar relationship with my parka. We were happy once...but things have gone stale. There is no excitement, no spark. Yet we stay together because it's easier than breaking up and finding someone new, and because we made a 5 year commitment to one another back in the Fall of '08 and gosh darn it if we aren't both stubborn as hell. *sigh* Will we be able to stick it out? Only time will tell...

  3. I'm so glad to discover I'm not the only one! I should clarify that this is my third year with this jacket; we had a good run ;)

    That photo was taken Christmas Eve 2008 in Moose Jaw, SK...it was -25!!!

  4. I better get ready for those temperatures! Brrrr...

    I am your new follower :), hope you follow back.

  5. Kim first of all don't open like that thought you were packing in your blog lol, phew.. ah yes the winter jacket, I had a long relationship with my winter coat, I lost weight grew tired of ol faithful and took it to the consignment store.. Mike picked me out a new coat, a dressy one, not quite warm enough, and NO hood.. but wear one of my nice handknit touques by Tash or storebought, I will also have to have it drycleaned :( oh well another year with this one, and I have a couple of rain jackets with hoods that I wear a hoodie under for warmth.. so I should be good.. loving the sound of the rain tonight beating down the snow oh ya...Sue


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