The Nesty Girl's Cloud of Inspiration - Puppy Dog Ears!

A few weeks ago I shared with you My Cloud of Inspiration.  I had such a great time composing my cloud that I have decided to occasionally post about some of the people, places, and things that inspire me.  The form these posts will take will vary from time to time depending on the item; some times there may be a story, a series of pictures, or some links.  Basically, whatever form I think will best demonstrate why I think the subject is so wonderful!

Today, I'm sharing with you my love of puppy dog ears.  Specifically, the ears belonging to my two puppy dogs.  When we first brought Molly home, she was a scrawny little scrap of a pup with a a head that was too big for her body and the scraggliest little tail you ever did see.  She did, however, have the loveliest silky, floppy ears.  As she grew up she became an absolutely gorgeous doggie, but when I rub her little ears I always remember, fondly, the strange, silly little pup that we brought home on a gray November day.  Molly inspires me because she is the dog that made me become a dog person. For years, I was terrified of dogs; after I met my husband, he, his family, and their dogs taught me not to be afraid of dogs.  But Molly, she taught me to love dogs. 

Here is a recent picture of my girl, who is going to be four in August:
Miss Molly
What a doll, eh?  And how about those floppy ears!

And then there's Tinky Wink, a fine fellow with spectacular ears!  When we met him at the shelter, we had no idea that he was a Yorkie.  In his upset state, his ears were pinned back on his head.  However, while we waited for the shelter staff to finish our paperwork, safe in the arms of his new dad, Tinky's giant ears popped up.  It was as if he knew that his shelter days were over and it was safe to let his guard down, and his ears up, again.  Tinky inspires me because he is such a survivor.  Despite being abandoned and left at a shelter, he bounced back and has been such a joy. 

Today was bath day for Tinky, and he was so cute and fluffy afterward that I just had to snap a few pictures of him to share with you.  Here he is!

Tinky Wink

His fur was extra blond after his bath; perhaps from the glorious sun we've been enjoying?  And there's his ears!  With ears that big, he doesn't miss a trick!

Thanks for letting me share my beautiful babies!  As you can tell, I'm pretty proud of them!

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you on Monday!!!

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  1. too cute! glad that i am not the only one who loves my animals ears! tinky wink's ears are crazy big, lol, love them!

    thanks so much for commenting on my hallway table...i don't know what we all did without these colored bottles and vases! glad you found some ideas. good luck on your wall decor, too!


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