Rainy Day People

Well, friends, the weeks of beautiful, sunny weather have come to an end, and yesterday the gray and rain came back with gusto.  It's funny; back home in Cape Breton my family and friends have been bemoaning the cold, rainy weather weather they've been enjoying having, while out here we've been loving the bright sun and warm temperatures.  And now this weekend, the East Coast has the sun and we are back to being the "Wet Coast."

Of course, this weather is more typical for our area, and it reminds me so much of our first few weeks in Kitimat.  Fog and low lying clouds hide the mountains from view, and the drizzle lasts for days, intercepted at times by downpours. The neighborhood is quiet now, there are no children playing outside or dogs barking as their owners walk them by, the lawn mowers are silent and the birds are laying low.

And yet, it's not unpleasant.  I'm enjoying a true lazy Saturday in my jammies, with a jumbo cup of coffee at my side. The dogs are flopped in sleepy piles, and the washer and dryer are providing the perfect "white noise."  I had a lovely Friday evening too.  Our television is in the basement family room, and since it's been staying light out until 11:00, I've felt guilty going downstairs to watch telly while it was still light outside.  Silly, I know, but I feel like it's not right to watch TV until the sun goes down (unless you're sick, of course).  Well, last night the sun was nowhere to be found, and so after a lovely soak I took my mani/pedi supplies downstairs, set myself up with some snacks, a glass of sweet tea (my new favorite thing!) and my Yorkie and enjoyed several hours of PVR'd Sex and the City.  Then, we came upstairs and read the flyers (I'm a wild one, I know!).  Molly joined us and I was quite content snuggled up with my pups, perusing summer sales while the rain poured down.

And don't you have the best sleeps when it rains?  It's like having an organic "Sounds of Nature" machine!!  I had a wonderful sleep, and my husband is having a great post back-shift sleep in as well.  All is cozy and sleepy in our home on this Saturday afternoon.  And while I do hope the sun returns soon, in the meantime I will enjoy the special warmth that that comes with cold, rainy days.

I was quite honored to be asked to do a guest post for my cousin's blog, Pattycake Manners.  You can read my post here. She's got a really neat blog, so while you're over there, have a look around!

Have a wonderful week!  See you on Wednesday!

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  1. I love rainy days too. But, too many of them in a row drive small children into madness, so I like mine a day here, a day there. ;-)

    Great post on Patty Cake Manners yesterday. I left her a comment that y'all had a wonderful childhood with all of the outdoor adventures and family togetherness. Thanks so much for sharing!


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